Becoming Unhackable


From the beginning of time, a formula existed—beneath the surface and under the radar.  It knows no gap between ideation and implementation.


Your thoughts became your experience.
Your beliefs became your perception.


But then suddenly and without warning, something hacked the system.
Simply put, something hacked you.  

Throughout history, we cursed this widening gap, redefining it Resistance, self-sabotage, and other less notable terms.


Your dreams, hopes, and desires pulsate through every pore in your body. You know the price of these unfulfilled expectations and it’s not pretty.

Retreat only gives birth to regret. You’ve got the appetite. You’re close enough to taste it. Isn’t it time to sink your teeth into your future…now? 


On October 22nd and 23rd a tribe gathers from around the globe. We’ll dive into massive action and unfiltered truth.

Together we’ll close the gap, reclaim our divine mandate, and discover how to become unhackable. The most important question...WILL YOU BE WITH US?

What You'll Learn

Become Unhackable

How to stop the self-sabotage
by customizing your becoming unhackable plan.

Idea Anatomy

How to architect and integrate the perfect idea
into your work and life by leveraging Idea Anatomy ©

Unhackable on Video

How to use video to build your brand authority by driving traffic and creating a personal connection with customers.

Unhackable Online

How to jumpstart your online business
through the Firestarter Formula ©

Silence Your Inner Critic

How to silence your inner critic for good
through the benefits of flow.

Future Filters

How to tap into your superhuman ability
to focus by using Future Filters ©

Unhackable on Stage

How to inspire your audience to action from stage
through 4 power tools.

Your Guides

Kary Oberbrunner

Chief Igniter, Igniting Souls, Columbus OH

Kary left his day job to pursue his dream job - Igniting Souls.  Through his writing, speaking and coaching he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here and where they should invest their time and energy.

The author of several books, Kary and his wife Kelly are blessed with 3 amazing children.

David Branderhorst

Director of Growth Creation, Igniting Souls, Columbus OH

David is Kary's Business partner and responsible for creating and driving growth in all areas of their business.  He uses his unique abilities to help people reach their full potential and use their talents to bless the world.

David is married to Christiane and they have three exceptional children.

Dexter Godfrey

CEO, Leadership & Sales Academy, Hampton VA

Dexter is known as "America's Fearless Success Speaker and Trainer".  He shares valuable lessons on how to stop fear from robbing you of your greatness.  Dexter is the CEO of Leadership and Sales Academy, a company specializing in leadership, sales and personal development training.

Dexter and his wife Tiffany are blessed with two children.

Amy Schmittauer

Creator, Savvy Sexy Social, Columbus OH

Amy Schmittauer is the Social Authority Coach, public speaker and Creator of Savvy Sexy Social, an online show helping rising stars and think-big brands embrace their amazing personality and share it with the world. Her YouTube show and portfolio has amassed over 10 million views.

Amy’s strategies have led to her career as an internationally-acclaimed public speaker, voted #1 Best Speaker at Social Media Day San Diego in 2015.

Dean Fulks

Lead Pastor, LifePoint Church, Columbus OH

Dean has been the lead pastor at LifePoint since its beginning in 2004.  He is the coordinator for SEND Columbus, an initiative to plant churches throughout Columbus.

Dean is married to Angie and they have three children - Sydney, Dillon and Sylvia.

Special Presentations

Ladey and Abbirose Adey

Co-Authors, Colors of Unfrozen, Lincolnshire, UK

Ladey and Abbirose present Colors of Unfrozen, the first adult coloring book to integrate devotional experiences for the reader.  They have enjoyed their collaboration working as friends who are also mother and daughter.

Ladey is an Author, Coach and Speaker. Abbirose works in Primary Education as a Teacher and previously served in the British Army.

Jim Akers

Author, Tape Breakers, Bakersfield CA

Jim is the founder of ImpACTful Notes and the author of Tape BreakersHow to Win the Achievement Game and 14 Strategies for Breakthrough Performances.

He met his wife Kristi and Washington State University.  They live in Southern California where they raised their sons Matthew and Andrew.

Ann Brainard

Author, Selah in the Storm, Saint Joseph MI

Ann Brainard left it all—suburbia and a corporate career—to live on a boat with her husband and teach others to sail. As a writer, teacher, and coach, she has created learning moments for many on land and sea.

Ann is the founder of Selah Time. She and her sailor-husband reside in the Midwest, close to family, friends, and big bodies of water.

Leanne Cabral

Author, A Parent’s Best Gift, Toronto, Canada

Leanne has a passion for equipping parents as they navigate the awesome task of passing faith on to their children. She encourages parents to make their invisible faith visible and tangible so that they can intentionally point their kids to Jesus and build a legacy of enduing faith.

Leanne and her husband James live in Toronto, Canada with their four children.

Kaye Carter

Author, Set Free to Thrive, Kansas City, MO

Kaye Carter is a change agent and advocate for inner healing and healthy souls. As an empowering speaker, author and coach she helps people escape the bondage of self-limiting thought patterns and processes to create lives that thrive.

She is the founder of Exceeding Life, dedicated to providing substance for souls, for renewed vision, vitality and victory.

Angela Dee

Author, Voiceless, Castle Rock, CO

Angela Dee’s purpose is to encourage others who are facing life struggles to find healing. Her life motto is Be brave, Dream big. An author, speaker, and teacher she has dreamed of writing a book since childhood.

Angela enjoys all the outdoor activities in her home state of Colorado where she has lived for 42 years.

Eric Eaton

Author, The Raging Sloth, Crested Butte CO

Eric’s desire is to help people create a better adventure in their own lives to live an extraordinary life. He provides a path to live an awesome life regardless of circumstances by learning to live upside-down.

Eric is an author, speaker, and coach with Eaton Creative Arts, LLC. Eric and his wife Erica live in Colorado with 3 teenagers.

Erica Foster

Author, You Taught My feet to Dance, Columbus, OH

Erica has a passion to encourage women in all walks of life. Through her transparent writing, speaking, and coaching, she shares her love for Jesus, along with her personal stories, to help empower women to dance upon all their disappointment, so that they will live a victorious life.

Erica resides in Columbus, Ohio, and is a single mother to 5 beautiful children.

Jeff Glass

Author, Faith Conversations, Kailua Kona, HI

Jeff Glass’ passion and purpose is to help people understand how they are uniquely gifted and created by God to serve and bless others. He wants to encourage everyone to experience God’s promise of abundant life by living out of their gifts, strengths and passions. He earned a Doctorate in Strength-based Congregational Leadership through Gallup University and Bethel University. He also is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach.

Cardiff Hall

Author, Tide Turners, Minneapolis MN

Cardiff Hall, a relentlessly optimistic, has a burning passion for life. He uses his life as a backdrop and recounts tales of his challenges, successes, and learning's, so readers can better relate to his messages and apply his approach to adversity — and life in general — to their own lives.

Cardiff lives in the Minneapolis area with his wife, Dawn, and daughter.

Deborah Hemstreet

Author, Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life, Haifa Israel

Deborah Hemstreet writes under her Hebrew name, Dvora Elisheva. Well-acquainted with grief and loss, Dvora came to Israel as a volunteer in 1982. She stayed in Israel and eventually became involved in Chinese ministry. In 2007 Dvora married for the first time and returned to America. She returned to Israel in 2011 after her husband's death. Dvora’s book is a deeply personal exploration of her life under the lens of God's grace, testifying to God’s redemptive power.

Niccie Kliegl

Author, Awaking the Living Legacy, Alton, IA

Niccie Kliegl, is the founder Fulfill Your Legacy, life coaching, where faith-infused-living is the brick-and-mortar of her practice. Niccie says, “Assisting her clients to embrace a life within their God-given life purpose, to gain health and wellness that sustains, and to accept the abundance and legacy that Christ left for each and every one of us, is what life is about!” She is married to her best friend and lover, Jeff Kliegl, of 25 years!

Vicki Kloosterhouse

Author, UN-DE-TERRED, Milford MI

Vicki has a desire to help people identify their value, find their purpose, and discover their voice. During her travels, Vicki found women had a common question, am I of value. This question has intensified her passion to help others understand the significance and value of women.

Vicki lives in Michigan with her husband, Jon.

Mark LaMaster

Author, Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons, Rochester MN

Mark is also the founder of Playoff Parenting, LLC, whose mission is to help transform well-intended, passive parents into active and intentional Playoff Parents who teach valuable, Christian-based lessons to their children.

Mark lives in Minnesota with his beautiful bride, Jen, and two amazing children, Hannah and Lincoln.

Delores McKenzie

Author, The Art of Obedience, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Delores is the author of The Art of Obedience- 10 Biblical Financial Principles to Change Your Life! She is a nationally acclaimed Speaker, Trainer, Motivator and an Educator in the Financial Services Industries.

She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband, and has three daughters and three grandsons.

Pamela Morton

Author, One Plane Ticket From Normal, Springfield MO

Pam wants to share life and hope with her dear Arab neighbors and also provide insight into Middle Eastern culture with her friends in the West. She is co-founder of EduCan Development Corporation.

Pam lives with her husband in a small village along the Nile in Upper Egypt. They have two adult daughters.

Jim Neal

Author, Ain't Nobody Really Happy at the Bottom... Except Catfish, Bakersfield, CA

In the 40 years of assisting sales professionals, Jim found three key concepts that were constant in the high achievers lives and has attempted to share them in his book.

He is married to his high school sweetheart, Patti and they have 4 children, 9 grand-children and 3 great grand-children.

Melissa Nixon

Author, The Courageous Life, Huntersville, NC

Melissa’s motto is “I’m not afraid of failure, I’m afraid of regret!” She is a captivating keynote speaker, leadership coach, trainer and courageous life strategist.

She teaches others to learn before they leap and how to make their next courageous move. Any encounter with Melissa will jump start you to living your most courageous life!

Nanette O'Neal

Author, A Doorway Back to Forever, Bethel PA

Nanette has made a career of teaching music and is the author of the Doorway series, consisting of 7 novels about faith, courage and the power within the human soul.

She loves her husband and family, her faith, the mountains and aviation museums.

Linda Outka

Author, Pebbles in My Shoe, Sioux Falls, SD

Linda Outka is a certified coach, speaker and trainer. She is the founder of Breakthrough Solutions, Inc. which creates space where people feel safe to be real and discover new insights that open doors to their potential. Linda is a founding partner on the John Maxwell Team of coaches, speakers and trainers. She is also certified with The Deeper Path and Your Secret Name teams. Connect at

Scott Perkins

Author, Tree of Lies, Groveland FL

Scott is a discipleship coach, author and speaker. His passion is to help followers of Jesus understand their identity in Christ so that they can experience transformation and freedom in their discipleship.

He is thankful that God does not discard His followers when they make a mess. Scott lives outside of Orlando, FL with his wife Missy and daughter Sarah Grace.

Brenda Poulos

Author, Runaways, Gilbert AZ

Brenda is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and the current president of Christian Writers of the West.

She lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband, John. They have four adult children and seven amazing grandchildren.

Joshua Sheffer

Author, The U Solution, Lake Ann MI

Joshua D. Sheffer is a professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and attorney with extensive experience in cases involving school violence and college dangers. Joshua graduated from Notre Dame Law School and practiced civil litigation for almost 15 years before accepting his first appointment in full-time academia.

He lives in northwest Michigan with his wife Tara and their five children.

Terry Stafford

Author, Strings of Faith, Tulare CA

By day, Terry is a certified project manager, leading the Kaweah River Power Authority for the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District. He has been a worship leader for over 15 years and is now on a mission to help people find the joy made full that Jesus prayed for in John 17.

Terry lives in Tulare, CA with his wife, Gail.

Dr. Jessica Vera

Author, Rise Up, Pompano Beach, FL

Dr. Jessica Vera is a resilientrelatable trauma-graduate, and renowned forensic expert in human sciences. She has dedicated the last three decades to scholarly endeavors and collaborative work to positively influence tens of thousands of lives.

Dr. Vera learned firsthand of the gifts to riserebound, and reclaim a power position in her life.

Music By

Jon Myers

Music Pastor, LifePoint Church, Columbus, OH

Jon Myers serves as the Music Pastor at LifePoint Church, and has been a part of the LifePoint staff team since 2007.

He lives with his wife Allison and their children Aubrey and Simon.


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